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The Health Care Countdown

The countdown has begun and Susan Davis is just days away from again selling out our district and supporting Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda. This Saturday, Susan Davis will vote in support of Nancy Pelosi’s Healthcare scheme. I urge you to call and ask her to vote for the district she supposedly represents, and not Pelosi’s liberal left leaning agenda.

Rather than grow the economy and reduce taxes and regulations on hard working San Diegan families, Pelosi and Davis are working to take even more money out of your pockets and saddle your children with trillions more in public debt. This is not only clearly wrong and bad public policy for the future of our country, it is generational theft!

We can improve our health care system without outsourcing it to distant bureaucrats in Washington. By taking on the trial lawyers, increasing competition across state lines, and allowing free market forces to bring down the costs of health care, we can cover more people, increase efficiencies, and keep “bean counters” from telling us when and which doctors we must see, and wait in line for maybe days to see them.

I need your support to help me win this campaign and run aground this “ship of fools” in Washington. Throwing Davis overboard is a good thing. Winning back the 53rd Congressional District for the people will stop the Davis-Pelosi spending spree in its tracks and help restore fiscal sanity in Washington.

I urge you to call and tell Susan Davis that this is bad legislation for the 53rd! That it just creates another huge government bureaucracy and raises taxes when we should be lowering them to protect our fragile economy. It is a proven fact that you cannot tax an economy into prosperity. Rather, this proposed legislation will stifle new medical research and medicines, and it does nothing to improve health care for the American people. Her local office is (619) 280-5353. Should you want to try to get through to voice your concerns to her in Washington, the number is (202) 225-2040.

Any contribution you are able to give to my campaign to stop this out of control left leaning and dangerous Congress will be greatly appreciated! I especially need your financial support at this critical juncture! If you are able to give whatever amount I guarantee you it will go just that much farther towards our victory in 2010. Any contribution you are able to give will be greatly appreciated! I thank you for your support and I urge you to please call Congresswoman Susan Davis now. Remember, the clock is ticking; it’s your money, not theirs!


Michael Crimmins

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