30 September 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Once again Susan Davis is out of touch with the people of this country

On, September 29th, the United States House of Representatives rejected the historic bill on the $700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street and US banks.

If passed, the bailout plan would have allowed for the United States government to purchase devalued mortgage backed securities, resulting from the subprime mortgage crisis, from troubled financial institutions. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has said that the plan could potentially cost taxpayers up to $700 billion. A staggering sum indeed!

There has been considerable debate over several parts of the plan, which thankfully failed with 228 votes opposing, 205 supporting, and 1 not voting. Stunningly, Susan Davis voted for this bill which could ultimately have indebted and cost every citizen thousands of dollars. The rest of our local congressional delegation (Bilbray, Filner, Hunter, and Issa) all voted NO! What do they know that apparently Susan Davis does not?

Michael Crimmins says what Susan Davis doesn’t understand about this issue is that this is our money being placed on the line to institutions that played fast and loose with it originally. But are we not surprised that once again Susan Davis proves she is totally out of touch with her district and in the back pocket of Nancy Pelosi with her 98% pro-liberal voting record. Susan Davis’s vote here captures not only her inability to accurately gauge the pulse of her constituents but how out of touch she really is, bby not protecting their best interests. Simply amazing and arrogant taking us for granted.

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