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Official Ballot Statement

Michael Crimmins – passionate about preserving the American Dream for our citizens and concerned about America’s present direction. The principle, “We the People”, is under constant attack by out of touch career politicians.

Unless we stop out of control government spending, within a generation, we will not recognize America – not good news for your children and grandchildren! They will inherit massive debts plus an immoral “generational theft” of their futures!

You deserve a principled representative with moral clarity and integrity, who will be accountable to you and represent your interests – not special interests! A representative who makes commonsense pragmatic decisions to move America forward without ideological political party considerations.

Michael Crimmins supports all pro-family and parents’ rights initiatives; marriage defined as a union of one man and one woman.

Michael Crimmins’ background: retired Marine Corps Naval Flight Officer (Vietnam – Desert Storm), combat veteran, San Diego City school teacher (General and Special Education), two education Master Degrees, high school principal, and dad.

Michael Crimmins’ congressional priorities: 1. Increasing economic growth through private sector job creation and limiting intrusive government regulations. 2. Balancing the federal budget. Congress cannot continue to tax, borrow, deficit spend, print money, without severe economic consequences. 3. Reviving education exceptionalism. Kids come first – America’s future! 4. Opening two Friendship Parks on the border; streamlining/fixing border crossings. 5. Stationing another aircraft carrier in San Diego generates $500 million. 6. Solving water issues in Imperial and San Diego County.

Crece con Michael Crimmins! Si se puede! Gracias.

Semper Fi!

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