07 June 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Let's Roll to November!

What an amazing election night! Thanks to your countless hours making phone calls, knocking on doors, and putting up yard signs, our campaign and the Republican team won a resounding victory.

The liberal special interests spent months draining union resources to support Democrats in this race. Their lack luster showing election night proves that with your help, I can win this seat in November. The momentum is definitely on our side.

My opponent has a long track record of supporting the tax hikes, intrusive government regulations, and job killing policies. Simply put, he’s “all in” with President Obama’s policies.

Can I count on your support this year?

Serving as your Congressman in the 51st District will be a great honor. Over the past four years, I have campaigned to rein in out of control government spending, balance the budget, and restoring fiscal sanity to our nation’s capitol.

Help us keep the momentum. Will you make a $10, $25 or $50 contribution today?

Now is not the time to continue the failed tax and spend economic theories of the far left. Billions in higher taxes, borrowing and fees have chased good jobs and businesses out of California. We can’t afford to bring back the same tired politicians and policies and expect to fix our economy or create the jobs that strengthen our families and communities.

This November, our freedoms are at stake. I hope you will join with me to move our country forward the same way Governor Scott Walker has done to move Wisconsin forward.

Let’s roll to November!


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