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Challenging Susan Davis on her lack of insight & political pandering

Susan Davis is out of touch with her voters!
Michael Crimmins, 53rd Congressional District candidate, says Susan Davis is totally out of touch on how Americans feel about issues stemming from Language and Culture to exploring for domestic onshore and offshore energy resources. In a recent monthly meeting of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees on August 11, 2008 held in Balboa Park, during the Q&A period several ladies asked about women’s issues. Davis was specifically asked “When is English going to be our official language?” She answered with the question; “Is that that an important issue for you?” The members resoundingly responded with loud applause whereupon Davis said she thought it was a good thing we speak many languages and quickly changed the subject.

Susan Davis has miscalculated her own position.
Susan Davis has miscalculated her own position on energy. Not only does she routinely insult the intelligence of civic groups by pandering to them with dumb statements, she has now been forced to remove her embarrassing poll on drilling for oil from her website. Recently, she placed a poll on her website asking visitors if one approves of drilling for oil in offshore Californian waters. With 13,476 responses as of Aug 1, 2008, 81.7% were answering that question with a “yes”.

Gull Island
Even if enough new drilling equipment can’t currently be procured to start the offshore exploration process, a new question of why we should drill may be a mute point and just a knee jerk reaction as a response to the oil crisis. What appears to be the largest oil discovery ever found to date lies dormant off the North Slope of Alaska . This discovery is already predrilled and ready to pump. It is a massive reserve of oil estimated by some accounts to be at least 90 miles long, over 40 miles wide and 1200 feet thick. It is in an area called Gull Island and the discovery was made 30 years ago by the ARCO oil company! (Gull Island was closed to drilling after a huge amount of oil was discovered there in 1977. It is considered by many to be the world’s biggest oil deposit; but soon after its discovery, the federal government declared Gull Island off-limits for drilling, ostensibly out of concern for the island’s huge Biting Horsefly population.). ARCO was secretly told by our government to cap this gigantic field and walk away. This information recently leaked out and now is being looked upon as a ready made economic shot in the arm for America.

So how come Congress has not jumped on this? It’s no secret! Susan Davis just takes the position of the Nancy Pelosi’s in Congress and their demagoguery in pointing fingers at Republicans as environmentally reckless and insensitive. Now judging from Davis’s own website, public opinion has forced her “to go along to get along” and her changing website has reflected her miscalculations based upon the response and resolve of the voters of San Diego.

I have being hearing quite a bit of late about this discovery. It’s unfortunate the voters have been kept unaware of revelations like this and have had to suffer the misguided attempts by people like Susan Davis and Nancy Pelosi to continue to drive this country into an energy crisis. Ours is an oil based economy and oil for America represents a serious national security issue that we will go to war over should it be cutoff. The actions by the Democrats on this issue alone are politically driven, unwarranted and reckless. Isn’t it interesting the citizens of China have given up riding bikes to drive cars and yet our liberal representatives are trying to take away our ability to drive in order to force us to ride bikes?

Susan Davis takes a free ride
But no bike riding for our Susan. Since the start of the 110th Congress, lawmakers have been accepting free trips — mostly from non-profit groups still allowed to provide free travel under the new lobbying and ethics law. And just who leads the list as the #1 abuser of accepting special interest “free rides” you ask? Why Susan Davis of course at $55,765. Isn’t it high time to smarten up on the comings and goings of Susan Davis?

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